Scotland to Go for Tree Hugging World Record

22 November 2013

Image Ten locations spanning the length and breadth of Scotland have now signed up to be part of a national attempt to set a new World Record for Tree Hugging on Sunday 1st December.

Ten members of Scotland’s Tree Trail have all put their names down to participate in the event and, between them, are hoping that over 1000 people across Scotland are “arboring” amorous feelings towards their local tree collections in a bid to trounce the USA’s recent attempt of 950 tree huggers that is yet to be formally recognised by Guinness World Records.

Scotland’s tree hugging World Record attempt will take place simultaneously across the ten separate sites, on Sunday 1st December 2013 at Midday, marking a culmination of events celebrating National Tree Week in the UK and the Year of Natural Scotland.

The original record for the World’s Largest Tree Hug was set by Forestry Commission England on 11 September 2011, in an event that brought together 702 people hugging trees at the Delamare Forest in Cheshire to celebrate the International Year of the Forests.

Tom Christian, project officer for Scotland’s Tree Trail commented:

“We’ve had a magnificent response from members of Scotland’s Tree Trail and with representation in several of Scotland’s major cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, there is scope for us not only to set a new record but to make it a very high benchmark for others to beat.

“The sites who have risen to the challenge are a unique collection that demonstrates Scotland’s standing and global importance in forestry, arboriculture and tree conservation. This record attempt is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland, mark National Tree Week and to have a bit of fun in the process.”

The record attempt will take place at midday, for one minute of tree hugging, across Scotland.

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